Standard Terms & Conditions For
Bookings & Quotations

The following standard terms and conditions also apply for bookings and quotations for Swire Shipping services:

    The quoted ocean freight rate is valid for acceptance for 30 days from date of issue. Upon acceptance the ocean freight rate will remain valid for a period of 3 months or for any other stated validity period, after which time it will be subject to review. The rate remains subject to any General Rate Increase (GRI) announced during this period.

    The quoted ocean freight rate is exclusive of additional charges and is subject and not limitedto prevailing BAF, CAF, Terminal Handling, Port Services, Documentation, Depot Handling, Special Equipment Surcharge, Over-dimensional Surcharge, Hazardous Surcharge, Pre/Post Carriage, Security Fees.

    If GST or any equivalent national tax is payable in relation to any rates and / or charges for any service or part thereof supplied under this quotation, the applicable amount will be added to the price for that service or part thereof and is payable by the merchant upon demand by Agent whether such demand is by means of invoice or otherwise.

    The quoted ocean freight rate is provided upon the basis of volumes and/or dimensions and weights indicated by the merchant. Should these alter the Carrier reserves the right to re-quote.

    Containerised Cargo: Unless different terms are specifically stated the quoted ocean freight rate is offered on wharf gate load port to wharf gate discharge port (Liner In/Liner Out) terms.

    Breakbulk Cargo: Unless different terms are specifically stated the quoted ocean freight rate is offered on load port crane hook to discharge port crane hook (Hook / Hook) terms. Any requirement for delivery of cargo to the wharf or ship’s side is to be arranged by the cargo interest with the local agent at the time of booking. The quotation does not set any precedents for future Breakbulk and cannot be assumed to be applicable for future shipments.

    It is the responsibility of the shipper/exporter to inspect containers/break-bulk cargo for contaminants. Any containers/break-bulk cargos that are not free of contaminants may be rejected. Should the exported container be held by quarantine authorities for cleaning, then all associated costs will be to account of the Shipper and/or Consignee.

    All bookings and shipments are received and accepted subject to all the terms and conditions of the carrier’s regular form of bill of lading or sea/air waybill (contract of carriage), as the case may be, including the applicable law as incorporated by the relevant bill evidencing the contract of carriage. The terms and conditions apply immediately upon acceptance of this booking by or on behalf of the carrier. By confirming this booking the merchant (shipper and/or freight forwarder) acknowledges that they have read and that they accept the terms and conditions and applicable law above, and that these terms and conditions are available to them.

    Cargo which is insufficiently prepared, packed or protected will be at the merchants sole risk and expense including risk to third parties and subject to the of terms and conditions of carriage of the carrier’s bill of lading. All the Carrier’s rights and immunities in the event of loss or damage by reason of that insufficient preparation, packaging or protection are hereby expressly reserved.

    The Carrier shall not be liable for compensation in respect of any loss and/or damage arising from the inherent vice of the cargo, including but not limited to, cargo prone to sweating due to excessive moisture, such as steel, cocoa, coffee, copra, rice.

    The Carrier shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage to the tools, spare parts, car stereos or any other vehicle accessories attached to the vehicle, unless they are individually listed on the bill of lading. All spare parts should be handed to the Master for safekeeping.

    For used vehicles and/or machinery the Carrier shall not be liable for mechanical and/or impact damage unless proven that the damage is a result of Carrier’s negligence, subject to the bill of lading terms.

    The above freight rate is based upon all mobile cargo being fully driveable or towable. If the cargo is drivable, and it is possible, please include an “Operation Manual Book” (which illustrates how to start, drive / stop the unit).

    Must be fitted with certified lifting points.

    Must be adequately secured and ready for ocean transportation.

    A weighbridge certificate must accompany the cargo (heavy weight only).

    Cargo should be presented free of any dirt, vegetation, contaminants or other risk residues, any cleaning costs resulting from regulatory authorities will be account of the cargo.

    The Master has the right to refuse any break-bulk shipment delivered which does not comply with above requirements.

    Under-deck stow can only be considered at time of shipment but we reserve the right to ship as deck cargo. Cargo stowed on deck will have the following clause printed on the B/L. “Unprotected – These goods are shipped on deck at Merchant’s sole risk in accordance with clause 15 on the reverse hereof. Carrier shall not be responsible for loss or damage howsoever arising.”

    The merchant (shipper and/or freight forwarder) agrees to advise the carrier of the set temperature, pack the cargo at the set temperature, not overload the reefer, keep the reefer on power until delivered to carrier for shipment, complete the partlow chart and adhere to all procedures and take all reasonable steps to safeguard reefer cargo.

    By confirming this booking the merchant (shipper and/or freight forwarder) agrees to pay for any extra lashings that are required to adequately stow the cargo, by direct payment to the supplier of the lashings.

    Booking confirmation is subject to lines approval. Prior to acceptance of booking, the shipper must provide to the carrier a technical drawing of the cargo, detailing the certified lifting/slinging points, and the centre of gravity, detailed cargo dimensions and weight. Failure to provide such drawing will result in booking being rejected and cargo not being loaded.